First Night in St. Croix

After endless list-making, packing, double-checking, bike break-down, and re-packing we departed LAX bound for St. Croix (via MIA) on May 3rd, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. Boarding our connection flight in Miami, it was evident that this plane was not headed to St. Croix for a week of lolling in the azure waters of the Caribbean. Almost to a person, everyone was startlingly fit with aero helmets strapped onto TYR transition bags instead of the usual generic black rollers people cram in their overhead compartments. Muscles, veins, shaved skin, visors, and a hot mess of tan lines were the uniform. The time change and a few hour layover in Miami put us in St. Croix around 10:30 p.m. It was hot, humid, and windless, and we began sweating almost as soon as our feet hit the tarmac. Everyone waited longer than expected for their luggage, beginning our adjustment to island time. Everything moves slower in the islands: There's no rush, no schedules, no deadlines, and no worries. Eventually we got our luggage and bike cases and headed to The Buccaneer resort via one of Saint Croix's taxi vans.  

By the time we arrived at the resort and checked in, it was nearing 11:00 p.m. By this time, Adam and I are usually on our second or third dream of the night, but given three-hour time change we were hungry and ready to settle into our new digs. We had treated ourselves and made reservations for a Deluxe Oceanfront Room - a single story room with a private balcony overlooking the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. As our courtesy van weaved through the resort to a set of two-story units, I thought we were in the wrong room, but was too tired to care. I figured we'd just change it in the morning, and besides, our driver said he had just delivered our room service dinner to this room, and that took priority! 

We walked into a spacious, well-decorated luxury suite. I immediately headed towards the table with our dinner, but Adam was hung up around the door looking at a floral arrangement. It was beautiful, but it was huge - so I figured it was fake. After some prodding, Adam finally got me over to the flowers, which were real and absolutely gorgeous local flora! Tucked in the arrangement was a little card from him to me. :) 

Now, Adam and I knew from the moment we started dating, that this was it. We knew we'd found the right person in each other and that we'd weather any storm together. Everything else was just details. We've always openly discussed our lives, our wishes, our dreams, and our goals. Naturally, marriage has been on the table many times. When, where, and how. We both felt drawn to a private, intimate ceremony with just the two of us, as we are very private people who feel uncomfortable in large or formal affairs. Neither of us likes a lot of ceremony or fuss and we wanted to be able to express our vows to each other in a format that felt authentic, personal, and uninhibited. Marking such an important moment in one's life is a big decision, and it was vital to us that it be exactly as we wanted it. With all we had discussed over the years, we chosen to leave it on hold for some future time. Knowing you're with the right person means that you never have to worry about them getting away from you! Besides, we'd already considered ourselves virtually married. 

Meanwhile, back on St. Croix...

I am usually the planner in the relationship, but Adam set up the perfect wedding escape for the two of us. After I peeked at the card in the flowers, he presented me with a custom-made wedding ring by our very talented jeweler and family friend, Linda Potichke. Using metal and stones we already had, Linda crafted a wide band of white gold, studded with one central diamond and scattered with numerous tiny diamonds. It reminds me of the nighttime sky and is perfect for me! Adam then blew me away with two gifts from his parents. I'm very lucky to not only be married to my soulmate, but to inherit Adam's parents is the icing on the cake! His mother passed his grandmother's opal ring down to me, and it's gorgeous. I've never seen an opal with such rich flecks of color, and it fit my right hand like it was made for me. As I wear both gold and silver, I feel like I got two wedding rings! Adam's father gave me a beautiful jade and gold bracelet that he bought during his service in Vietnam. He originally brought it back for his sister, but after some time she gave it to him to pass on to someone special. Hey! I'm special!

We spent the rest of the evening writing our vows to each other and talking about the exciting tomorrow we'd have, then finally tucked into bed well past our bedtime.


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