Finally, it was time to relax! After getting a bicycle tour of St. Croix during the race, both of us were keen to drive around with our camera and explore some of the sights we zoomed by. Our hotel (The Buccaneer) was super accommodating and was able to rent us a jeep for a day for a good price. Since the resort was not located in downtown Christiansted, we either had a 2 mile walk (no big deal for during the day, but since there's no bike lane/sidewalk on a lot of the road, it's not safe at night) or take a cab for $10/way. Having a jeep felt liberating! Anywhere we wanted, anytime! We got a chance to explore all the areas that we rode past and take our time, taking photos along the way.

We also took a trip to Buck Island, which was absolutely stunning. After splitting from the group on our snorkeling tour, we wound up with a few barracudas staring us down. After I flipped out and Adam chased them away, we headed back to the boat for some lunch and sun. Most of the group on the boat had done the race so we had plenty to talk about as we sailed back to the main land with Captain Mike's rum punch in hand at sunset.

The rest of our days were spent swimming, kayaking, and taking in the beautiful sights of the Caribbean. We enjoyed our stay so much and are already looking forward to returning with family and friends to share the magic that is St. Croix! If you've got any questions about the race or St. Croix ask us, we'd love to talk about it!


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